Team Poker Result.

Team Poker

Team Poker

Friday 18th of December 2009 at The Emerald Club a new and revitalised Team Poker event took place and the organiser Matt Sheil on a cold and miserable night still managed to get 7 teams to be part of the now annual competition. The complete breakdown of the tournament is not at hand at the moment because a certain editor had been rather preoccupied by alcohol and tales of childish bullying – a very long story!

However, the basic premise o the tourney went like this:

The 7 teams were:

  • Bromford Six
  • Butch’s Six
  • Force India
  • Not As Good As Before (The Reigning Champions)
  • Lucky MoFo’s (personal fav of the editor)
  • Emerald Stars (in house club players)
  • Chelly No Mates

The game was fast and furious and there were many tales of personal endeavour, but two which stuck out of the crowd were:

  • Brandon S dragged in as a late replacement to make up the numbers actually winning on his table therefore launching loads of conspiracy theories in the mind of the editor that he was a ringer which had no semblance of intellect or reasoning since it was to replace him…!
  • A player called ‘Villan’ who lost out after going all in with AK and up against two players both all in with AJ’s – guess who lost, yep Villan’s AK…dont you love poker sometimes.

In the end Chelly No Mates came first and Not As Good As Before came second. Chelly aka Golden Lady won the trophy as top player when she won the final table and yours truly ended up with a sore head. A final breakdown of the tournament will be posted when the photos and figures are forwarded.

As a concept this is certainly the way to go in respect of pub poker it is inclusive, competitive and has value for the timing of pub hours. The game could be stripped down so that i there were 5 or 6 venues who wanted to take part then there would always be players in the pub. it would mean each venue having at least 18 players, but it is possible and worth thinking about.